Theatre Festival



The Norbury Theatre

Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 8ED

8 April, 2018 


T A K I N G   P A R T ?


Richard Lisseter



Linda Evans

Secretary - your main contact


Tim French

Vice Chair


Ruth Cattell

Website, graphics, programme



Your Worcestershire Theatre Festival contacts

Step 1

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Step 3

Step 4

Download and complete the Entry Form (pdf) Read the 2018 aims (pdf) Read the 2018 AETF aims (pdf)


Next year's festival will take place at the Norbury Theatre, Droitwich on March 2-3 2018.  If you're interested in participating, let us know below.  Thanks.

Complete the AETF Declaration Forum (pdf)

* The Worcestershire Theatre Festival is a Festival in its own right, and also the first round of the All England Theatre Festival (AETF).


Groups entering the Worcestershire Theatre Festival need to declare on the entry form, whether or not they wish to carry on through the subsequent AETF rounds if appropriate.  


If the answer is 'yes', they need to sign and return the

AETF Declaration form (above) with their entry form.

If you took part in this year's Festival,

then thank you!  

* Required

Mark Moran



Martin Salter

Stage Manager


Di Scriven

AETF Representative and

Assistant Stage Manager

and, if you * opt to go forward to other rounds

Step 5

Return the completed pdfs, your Entry Fee and the Written Adjudication Fee (if applicable) to Linda Evans at the address at the top of the Entry Form by January 21, 2017.

I N T E R E S T E D   I N   T A K I N G   P A R T ?

Read the 2018 FAQs (pdf)

Step 6

Come along to the Open Afternoon at the Norbury Theatre on Sunday 28th January so we can show you the stage and run through the tech specs.

psssst ... if you didn't get around to entering this year and want to remind yourself of what you needed to do, take a look at the info below.  


It'll give you an idea for next year ...

And click here if you're interested in watching