What's the festival about?


What is the Worcestershire Theatre Festival?

 The Worcestershire Theatre Festival is an annual one-act drama festival  in which drama groups from across  the area compete for a number of prestigious trophies and awards. The winner and runner- up can opt to go forward to the first rounds of the All England Theatre Festival, see below for more details.

It's run by volunteers, is a non-profit initiative and is in its 58th year!

Every Spring, one-act plays are performed in front of an esteemed professional adjudicator and you - the audience.

The plays are between 20 and 55 minutes long, ranging from comedies to thrillers to highly-emotional dramas.

Each one is critiqued by the adjudicator in front of the audience as soon as it has finished.  The adjudicator  marks each production  for acting,  direction, stage presentation and dramatic achievement. (see the marking system below) 

You can come along and watch all of the plays, or just a few - it's completely up to you.

The Marking System

 Points out of 100  are awarded by the Adjudicator in the following areas:

ACTING: 40 points

PRODUCTION: 35 points



And they can be removed too, for not sticking

within the times for setting up or striking the set: 

UP TO 1 MINUTE: 1 points

UP TO 2 MINUTES: 3 points

UP TO 3 MINUTES: 6 points

UP TO 4 MINUTES: 10 points

UP TO 5 MINUTES: 15 points

OVER 5 MINUTES: Disqualification

The results are announced at the end of the final 

session on Sunday evening.