How to enter the Worcestershire Theatre Festival 2010


Dates and Venue

The festival will be held at The Norbury Theatre Droitwich on 7th and 8th March 2020. There will be 4 sessions; Saturday afternoon and evening, Sunday afternoon and evening. There are usually three performances in each session.

On Sunday 2nd February there will be a chance to view The Norbury Theatre and talk to our Stage Manager and the other theatre technicians.

Decide on what to perform

There are a number of things to consider, most particularly the performance must last at least 20 minutes but no longer than 55 minutes. You also only have 10 minutes to set  your stage, so keep it (relatively) simple. Have a look at the FAQs and the WTF Aims, for more details. 

The Entry Form

Download and complete the entry form, we already have more groups expressing interest than there are slots available so get your entry (and cheque) to Linda as soon as possible to secure your place.

The All England Theatre Festival

 Finally ... if you want to go through to the next round of the competition (if selected), read the All England Theatre Festival rules and  Declaration Form and return the Declaration Form with your entry form to Linda as soon as possible.

A few more things

 Here are a few things you'll need to know when you complete and submit the entry form:

  • It's £25 to enter one performance
  • If you'd like a written adjudication from the adjudicator (in addition to the verbal one you'll receive at the festival) then there will be an addition fee.
  • You must bring your licence to perform  with you on the day
  • We recommend Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000.
  • At least two people need to be in your production.  There's no upper limit
  • When you enter, you'll be asked to declare whether you'd like to go forward to the next and subsequent rounds of the All England Theatre Festival if you come first or second in the Worcestershire Theatre Festival.  (We'll pay your AETF membership subscription if you decide to go forward)
  • The final version of your script is needed by us by mid January

And Finally

More details, including the running order will be available as we get nearer to the Festival